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If you have a pavement issue, talk to us.

We offer a full range of environmentally sound solutions for all stages of the pavement lifecycle: pavement preservation, renewal, rehabilitation and construction. No other firm in California offers the spectrum of services that we do. In a fragmented industry where firms will specialize in one or two processes, Pavement Recycling Systems has become the region’s only integrated provider through internal development.

Industry Leaders

Both locally and nationally recognized and respected as industry leaders, at PRS we focus every day on advancing our capabilities and challenging existing standards of performance in our markets. We commit every day to:

  • Providing Exceptional Customer Service and committing to your project success in order to be successful ourselves
  • Investing in developing new products and services with a focus on reusing in-place materials and high-performance results
  • Committed to a First-Class Safety program embracing a ZERO Incident Safety culture that keeps our Employee Owners and others safe
  • Maintaining the newest, most diverse and technologically advanced fleet of equipment ready to serve you
  • Continuous focus on Employee Development and training with structured programs and curriculums
  • Active Industry involvement and leadership
  • Staying at the forefront of technology including:
    • Pavement Smoothness measuring and modeling using the latest in technology, then performing on the project using Automated Grade Control
    • Investing in and encouraging our Employee Owners to propose innovative new ideas improving and developing better services and products
    • Maintaining a fully staffed and equipped modern laboratory and shops
    • Supporting cloud based field management to enable our team to better support the customer and project

Employee-owned means customer-focused.

Pavement Recycling Systems (PRS) started out in 1989 providing cold milling services to the Southern California market, and we have grown over the years into the premier general engineering sub-contractor providing Owners, Engineers and Contractors with sustainable, cost-effective pavement maintenance solutions for every stage of the pavement structure lifecycle. From FOG and Slurry Seals to full reconstruction, PRS has become your one stop provider with a full range of services. 100% Employee Owned, every employee owner is dedicated, committed and empowered to delivering a safe project with outstanding Performance, Customer Service and Quality.

From Preservation to Reclamation
to Rehabilitation.

Solutions for every phase of the pavement life-cycle.

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