Public Works Officials Warm Up to Cold in-Place Asphalt Recycling

When it comes to battling global warming, any technique with “cold” and “recycling” in its name is bound to be beneficial. So when MTC teamed up with the city of Napa to stage a demonstration of “cold in-place recycling” of asphalt pavement in mid-October, Bay Area public works officials were all ears.

Napa hosts ‘Cold In-place’ recycling demonstration

The city of Napa hopes to pave the way for Northern California when it comes to green paving techniques. On Thursday, the city held an on-site workshop for public works directors, council members and other decision makers from cities and towns throughout the Bay Area to show them an innovative way to lay asphalt on… Read more »

Passing an Audition: Beverly Hills welcomes CIR following a successful job

Hollywood will forever be Beverly Hills’ claim to fame, but cold in-place recycling (CIR) has quickly developed a fan base in the affluent southern California city following a street-resurfacing project. The first attempt at CIR involved Canon Drive, Beverly Drive, Crescent Drive and Lomitas Avenue and saved the movie-star home base close to $1.5 million… Read more »