RAP Slurry

Let our experts recommend and apply the best seal for your road.

Why squander virgin aggregate? 100% RAP slurry gives you the same performance for the same price. An environmentally friendly, end-to-end solution for RAP slurry manufacturing and application. No virgin aggregate required.

Sustainable Pavement Preservation.

Virgin aggregate is an increasingly scarce resource. Carving up the landscape to increase supply is not an ecologically sound option. Mining restrictions put a squeeze on supply, and prices are going up. Given these circumstances, using 100% recycled asphalt for slurries would seem to be the obvious alternative.

Be an eco hero without paying a price.

The problem has always been consistency. You couldn’t be certain that one batch of RAP would be exactly like the next in quality, performance and appearance. Another obstacle was cost. Pavement Coatings Co., a division of Pavement Recycling Systems, has solved both problems. Now you can preserve natural resources without sacrificing consistent quality or cost-competitiveness.

Our secret: never lose control.

Pavement Recycling Systems (PRS) is the first vertically integrated company of its kind. We maintain complete ownership and control of the RAP slurry manufacturing process from beginning to end. Our milling group is one of California’s largest cold planing and milling operations, so we’re our own source for a continuous supply of raw material.

Milled asphalt pavement from various projects is brought to our processing facility where it is tested, broken down, ground and homogenized into a mixture of uniform properties. It is put through a full range of QA and QC procedures at each stage.

Every batch of processed RAP conforms to our uniformly high standard. Wherever it came from and however it started, it comes out uniform after our rigorous processing. Our experienced crew then mixes and applies it like a conventional slurry, on-site, using conventional slurry equipment.

Conventional Slurry vs RAP Slurry

RAP Slurry

PRS technology and expertise.

Developing this vertically integrated process has required advanced technology. For example, the crushing of the aggregate into a uniform gradation required process engineering and equipment customization. Pavement Coatings Co.’s expertise in coatings additives and emulsions was also essential.

Conservation advantages: rock and emulsion.

RAP slurry conserves virgin aggregate, and more. It requires less emulsion because RAP already includes a certain amount of asphalt coating, resulting in additional conservation. There are also indications that the grinding of RAP involves less overall energy expenditure than digging up virgin asphalt. Also, our RAP slurry is the only one on the market today that is 100% RAP. Others still add fresh aggregate to mask inconsistencies.

The future of the slurry seal is here.

A high-performing slurry no longer requires virgin asphalt. Our green slurry costs the same, performs the same, and looks the same, if not better. It’s just as black, if not blacker. Ask to see examples of roads that have been in place for a few years, and judge for yourself.

RAP Slurry Milling

1. Milling

To manufacture 100% RAP slurry, PRS takes a unique integrated approach. First, our milling group mills in-place asphalt and transports it to our processing plant.

RAP Slurry Processing

2. Processing

At our processing facility, the RAP is transformed into a uniform, quality aggregate via testing, grinding and stringent QC to assure consistency from one batch to the next.

RAP Slurry Application

3. Application

The RAP slurry is mixed and applied by our expert Pavement Coatings team on-site, using conventional slurry equipment. It applies and performs just like a quality conventional slurry.

About Us

Formed in 1989, Pavement Recycling Systems (“PRS” or “Pavement”) is an employee-owned company working primarily in California, Nevada and Arizona. Pavement’s broad-based employee ownership structure translates into a strategic advantage for the company with every employee having a stake in the success of the company.

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