Asphalt Recycling

Cold In-place Recycling (CIR) costs less, performs better and benefits the environment.

Cold In-place Recycling (CIR) has come a long way, thanks to Pavement Recycling Systems’ implementation of technological advances in equipment, processes and binder chemistry.

Recycled: a better alternative to new hot mix.

Depending on the application, CIR can build structural value while reducing project cost compared to a typical mill-and-fill rehabilitation. So you can end up with a better, longer lasting road.

CIR with the new engineered emulsions or foamed asphalt technology also gives you greater resistance to reflective and thermal cracking.

Green in both senses of the word.

First let’s talk money. CIR costs as little as half of mill and fill. You can even save more money on low volume roads by sealing the CIR section with a slurry or chip seal.

Plus you’re going green by recycling resources instead of removing and replacing them. In-place aggregates and asphalt are reused and renewed, not discarded.

There’s less construction traffic which translates into less energy expended and fewer emissions; up to 80% reduction in greenhouse gases. Conserve resources and win public acclaim.

Proven on the road and agency-approved.

The Cold In-place rehabilitation and pavement preservation system, used nationwide, is approved by Caltrans, NDOT, the FHWA and other major agencies.

From public roadways to airport runways, its performance has been tested and proven.

Cold In-place Recycling

Rehabilitate your old roadway fast, for half the cost and twice the acclaim.

Our recycling train provides an end-to-end solution

Removes, processes and repaves your roadway at a fast clip with only a single lane closure.

A process that adapts to your parameters.

We customize our process to the specific parameters of your project. We even look at how soon the road needs to be back in service.

Normally traffic can resume in a few hours, but with adjustments to the binder in the mix, cars can be on the road in minutes. Contact one of our experts for a consultation. Let us show you how to preserve your pavement investment.

Structural improvement for less

Structural improvement for less.

Cold-In-place recycling costs up to 50% less than conventional rehabilitation without sacrificing structural value.

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