Full Depth Reclamation

We use your old road to build a better one, at a lower cost to you and the environment.

Considering total reconstruction? Achieve higher performance at a 30% to 50% cost savings.

Less expensive now. And later.

When total roadway reconstruction seems to be the only option, it’s time to consider Full Depth Reclamation (FDR).

The full AC and a pre-determined portion of the base, sub-base, and/or native soil is expertly pulverized and blended with carefully selected stabilizing additives. Importing and exporting is cut down by a ratio of 40 truckloads to one.

Once the new homogeneous base is reshaped and compacted, it has superior structural properties. Not only do you save 30% to 50% in upfront costs versus new construction, your better-than-new road provides dramatic life-cycle savings, with reduced maintenance cost for years to come.

Full Depth Reclamation

Use what’s already there to make distressed pavement stronger than new. Down to the substrate.

In-depth problems require in-depth solutions.

Severe pavement distress is often a symptom of deep-seated problems. Superficial band-aid maintenance gets costly and ineffective. You have overlays with reflective cracking and heavy pothole patching. The underlying cause may be insufficient base strength and weak or expansive soils. FDR gets to the root of the problem by combining pulverization and soil stabilization technologies.

Testing: look before you leap.

During the pre-project evaluation and design phase, PRS will work with your engineers to diagnose pavement, base and soil samples both on-site and in the laboratory. Bring our experts in for diagnostic engineering even before you spec out your project.

We can help you save money and avoid surprises. Once the job is underway inspection and testing of key milestone factors such as R-value, expansion, depth and uniformity of mixing, moisture at curing, and compaction are performed.

The right reagent makes all the difference.

PRS determines which stabilizing agent mix will be most effective for your project conditions. Bituminous agents, such as asphalt emulsion or foamed asphalt, achieve flexibility and high fatigue resistance.

Chemical stabilization with lime reduces expansion and improves load-bearing, while Portland cement, increases compressive strength and reduces stress on the subgrade. Mechanical stabilizers like RAP are occasionally required for supplemental structural strength.

A competitive edge for contractors.

Subcontracting with PRS for FDR can make a contractor the highest-value, lowest-cost bidder on projects that involve pavement rebuilding. As owners and agencies become more aware of the advances in FDR and soil stabilization technologies, the demand for FDR expertise will continue to grow.

Green and government-approved.

By reclaiming in-place resources, our FDR is an ecologically positive solution that earns environmental kudos and credits. FDR processes meet the testing, design and construction standards of FAA, FHWA, ASTM, Caltrans, Greenbook, and local agencies in Riverside, Orange, Los Angeles, and Ventura Counties, among others.

Advantages of FDR

  • Upfront cost savings: 30 – 50%
  • Lifecycle cost savings: lower maintenance
  • Environmental: recycles in-place material
  • Uses value of existing pavement
  • In-depth: eliminates cracking patterns
  • Minimizes costly import/export
  • Structural upgrade to base: R-Value, strength
  • Shorter construction time, less disruption

Our Process

1 – Test and Engineer

Thorough analysis of pavement, base, and soil identifies problems such as low R-values, low unconfined compressive strength and expansion. Then we engineer an in-depth solution.

2 – Pulverize and Blend

We pulverize and blend just the asphalt and base, or go down more deeply into the subgrade as necessary. Our operators and equipment accurately cut to the exact depth required.

3 – Add Stabilizing Agent

We add the stabilizing agent to the blended asphalt and substrate to lift R-value, compressive strength and workability; and reduce expansion. Result: high structural value, low cost.

About Us

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