Foamed Asphalt

Foamed Asphalt

Pavement Recycling Systems is the leader in Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) utilizing Foamed Asphalt since 2001, having completed over 2,000 lane miles in 7 States. PRS has performed work for the Federal Highway Administration, Federal Lands, U.S. Forestry Service, Department of Defense, and numerous State, County and City agencies.


The Foamed Asphalt process uses PG grade, hot asphalt oil, that is sprayed with a small amount of water, expanding the asphalt 10 to 20 percent of its volume, enabling it to fully coat the asphalt concrete, base, and subgrade materials it is stabilizing; in addition a small amount of Portland Cement is added which turns the blended materials into a lean asphalt base. The blended materials are graded and compacted into a base section that renders a gravel factor of 1.7 (superior to that of Class II aggregate base).


Agencies utilizing the FDR process with Foamed Asphalt are impressed with the more efficient means of strengthening the existing materials they have in-place that result in:

  • Up to a 50% decrease in costs
  • Up to 80% reduction in the construction schedule
  • The significant positive environmental impact with reduced GHG and Energy usage
  • The minimized disruptions to residents and traffic because of the reductions in truck traffic exporting and importing materials to the project, and the ability to open the stabilized section to traffic the same day.
  • The performance of the over 2,000 lane miles of FDR with Foamed Asphalt has been outstanding because of the minimized maintenance of the roads attributed to the superior structural values of the stabilized section below it.

Contact PRS for an evaluation of your project to see if it is suitable for any of the competitively bid, in-place recycling technologies specified by Cal Trans and more than 150 CA agencies.

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Formed in 1989, Pavement Recycling Systems (“PRS” or “Pavement”) is an employee-owned company working primarily in California, Nevada and Arizona. Pavement’s broad-based employee ownership structure translates into a strategic advantage for the company with every employee having a stake in the success of the company.

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