Powerful PRS pulverizing machines can cut to depths of 18 inches.

We will pulverize the existing asphalt concrete and blend it with the underlying material to form a higher-quality aggregate base. Our pulverization services are available with or without complete Full-Depth Reclamation, which combine soil stabilization and pulverization.

Modern Equipment Yields Increased Production and Spec-Quality base.

PRS has the largest fleet of Air Resource Board compliant pulverizing equipment in the United States. We can put an experienced, qualified crew with the right machine on your job, as quickly as tomorrow.

Full depth road reconstruction utilizes powerful pulverizing machines which can cut to depths of 18 inches. The pulverized asphalt concrete is blended with a variable depth of the underlying base or native material to form an improved base. Badly deteriorated surface and base materials are reprocessed. Voids in the existing sub-base structure are filled and homogenized.

The structural section that is produced has satisfied county, state and federal agencies as a direct substitute for specification-grade aggregate base used in the structural sections of highway, street and airport pavements. Pulverization can be used to completely reconstruct a street, roadway or parking lot, allowing for improvements to the grade, modification of the cross-sections, and alterations of the road or street alignment.

Trench pulverization for pipeline construction.

Trench pulverization expedites utility pipeline installation by eliminating saw cutting of the asphalt pavement and providing recycled material for backfill and temporary re-surfacing. In many cases, traffic can resume within hours of initial groundbreaking.

Asphalt overlay materials can be recycled. Low move-in costs make even short runs economical.

Trench pulverization allows close coordination with trench excavation, pipe-laying, backfill and repaving. Used along heavily-traveled streets and arterials, as well as on parking lots and small roads, the narrow cut, variable width milling machine can mill up to 12 inches of paving and base material,and can eliminate overnight open trenches, fencing and night barricades.

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Formed in 1989, Pavement Recycling Systems (“PRS” or “Pavement”) is an employee-owned company working primarily in California, Nevada and Arizona. Pavement’s broad-based employee ownership structure translates into a strategic advantage for the company with every employee having a stake in the success of the company.

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