Non-Destructive Testing Services

Take the guess work out of cutting, coring or excavating with high-definition fully digital X-Ray, Ground Penetrating Radar, Bridge Scanning and Private Utility Locating.
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Why scan or x-ray on your next job?
The answer is simple. You can’t afford not to.

A single post-tension strike can cost thousands of dollars to repair, not including lost job time and the compromised safety of your crew. In the world of construction, efficiency is king, so not knowing what is embedded in your concrete is an expensive and risky gamble. Pavement Recycling Systems offers you our full Compass NDT service line including: digital x-ray, ground penetrating radar (GPR), bridge scanning, and private utility scanning. We can help you be more efficient and avoid hazards with our advanced tool box of subsurface imaging solutions. Our expertise is at your service for every job type and size. Whether you are looking for conduit in concrete walls, rebar on a bridge deck or post tension cable in an elevated slab, let Compass be your non-destructive guide.

Digital X-Ray

We offer state-of-the-art fully digital x-ray imaging services for elevated concrete slabs, walls and bridges. Our digital system can take a shot (picture) in seconds with no film and no live nuclear isotopes which can be emailed within minutes. Before you cut or core, we find potential hazards such as embedded rebar, steel, post-tension cables, electrical conduits and/or pipes easily with our digital x-ray system. Digital x-ray uses a switch on – switch off machine which means zero radiation emissions when turned off. Our system has lower scatter radiation than traditional non-digital systems which allows for much smaller exclusions zones. Our ultra-high sensitive detector panel with a cesium iodide scintillator requires minimal radiation as it was developed for medical x-rays. Let us help you see everything clearly when you can’t afford to guess what is buried in your concrete.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a safe geophysical subsurface scanning technology that can be used on concrete. The GPR technology uses radar pulses to image a subsurface area. The process is emission free and requires no exclusion zones to use. This convenient non-destructive testing method can assist in locating embedded rebar, steel, post-tension cables, electrical conduits and pipes. GPR is especially useful when you only have access to one side of the concrete and is often used for slab on grade projects, or where x-ray is limited. Concrete scanning with GPR can save you time and money prior to hitting a hazard with cutting, coring or excavating.

Bridge Scanning

Bridge scanning is a pushed cart system that utilizes ground penetrating radar. Using this scanning system we can rapidly determine the condition of various bridge decks, balconies, parking structures and other elevated slab concrete structures. The bridge scanning system allows us to accurately determine a concrete cover depth on new structures. Departments of Transportation and concrete/pavement contractors save time and money when they choose bridge scanning, especially when trying to estimate repair costs accurately. The system’s cart is compatible with several antennae including single frequency or dual-frequency systems. Operating modes can be used in continuous time mode or with a survey wheel which is triggered by distance. Advanced real time filters and software allow the technician to adjust surface position, tracking adaptive background removals and signal noise floor tracking.

Private Utility Locating

Private utility locating is a process that utilizes a combination system of push cart, ground penetrating radar and radio detection wands to locate possible private line and pipe hazards that can be found buried in the subsurface. Utility locating can find cable lines, underground storage tanks, pipes including water and sewage, gas lines and much more. Environmental agencies, land surveyors, utility locators, contractors and private property owners should understand all subgrade embedment hazards prior to excavating or trenching. Not utilizing a location service can be a costly mistake for safety, time and money. For public utility location 8-1-1 dig should always be notified and utilized first, but note that 811 will not mark your private line hazards.

Would you like to learn more about our non-destructive testing services and how it can save you time and money?

Compass’s Non-Destructive Testing has all surveying tools to meet your needs to find what is in, or below concrete before it is cut, cored or demolished. Our services are used for remodels, renovations and in new construction.

If you are a contractor or safety professional interested in learning more we can come to you. We will host a tool box talk for your safety crews or lunch n’ learn for your project managers.

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