Specialized Milling

Specialized Milling Services

Installing rumble strips or taking out berm: PRS offers a full range of specialized milling applications.

Milled in Rumble Strips

Rumble strips 12″ – 16″ wide are used in many highway and street applications where it is advisable to give motorists an emphasis warning. PRS has the equipment to install milled in rumble strips after the pavement has been placed.

Recessed Markers

A special planer set up by Pavement Recycling Systems can mill in recesses for pavement markers per CALTRANS’ Standard A20D. This machine is available on a rental basis or on a per unit basis.

AC Berm Removal

Taking out berm with a loader is fast – but what do you do with all those big chunks? Use one of our planers for even faster removal – and generate a material you can use for structural backfill – or at least dispose of with minimal cost. Call for our specially configured machines that can reach AC berm even under guardrails.

Skid Steer Mini Planers

These new generation planers offer cutter heads at 16″ – 18″ (400-460 mm) wide and are capable of cutting to 2″ depths. Offering the utmost in convenience and cost savings, Skid Steer Mini Planers are ideal for small jobs, detail work and trimming behind larger machines. Combo packages bring the Skid Steer Tractor to your job with attachments for planing, sweeping, and loading. Also included is a small dump truck that can be used to haul off milled material.

Our Skid Steer Mini Planers Combo package does it all! (Mill, sweep, load, haul and dispose) at low cost. Very maneuverable they are an excellent tool for milling paving notches and “joins” on small jobs.

Micro milling

Restore rideability without the expense of a new overlay.

Micro milling utilizes a specialized milling machine with very close tooth spacing which allows for the restoration of the riding characteristics of existing AC roadways.

Micro milling restores rideability and improves tire-to-road friction coefficient, without the expense of a new overlay. An excellent solution for maintenance of “bleeding” pavements. Micro milling planes off texture or seal coats as it smooths heaved and shoved asphalt, It eliminates “washboarding”, and smooths rutted pavement.

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